Caring for a Silicone Ring

Silicone rings are becoming a popular choice instead of or in addition to traditional metal wedding bands for a number of reasons. One advantage silicone rings have over metal bands is that they are easier to clean and care for. Many metal wedding rings have stones that could become loose if you are not careful, and they often have designs with small crevices and holes where dirt, sweat, and other contaminants can build up. Silicone isn’t just a more comfortable material, it is also low maintenance, which makes it a favorite among many.

Caring for a Silicone Ring

Preventing Unnecessary Damage and Grime

In some ways, silicone bands will hold up against more than traditional bands will, but they’re not indestructible. You can be rough on silicone rings if you need to and they hold up well against dirt, but you can also take a few easy steps to make them last longer. One of the first things you should do is make sure your ring is the right size. The ring should be small enough that it can’t slide up and down your finger and big enough that you can easily put it on and remove it. A ring that is too tight will cause more sweat and irritation and will withstand unnecessary pressure from stretching. If your ring is too loose, it’s more likely to catch on anything with protrusions and sharp edges, and it could more easily trap dirt and grime between itself and your finger.

Part of the allure of Enso rings is that you can wear them in any situation, but there are still times when you should take your ring off. Before taking a shower is one of them. By not wearing your ring in the shower, you allow your skin on your ring finger to breathe, you can clean it more thoroughly, and you can make sure it’s completely dry before putting your ring back on. This also ensures that no soap, shampoo, conditioner, or any other residue from the shower that could cause irritation will be trapped between your ring and your finger. You may also want to remove your ring before sleeping since extremities like fingers tend to sweat and swell during sleeping hours.

An Easy Clean

No matter how careful you are, your ring will need to be cleaned periodically. Luckily, you can make your own ring cleaning agent with easy to find household items.

  • a toothbrush
  • distilled white vinegar
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • water

You should clean your ring four to six times a year, depending on how dirty it becomes on a regular basis. You may also want to clean it after it’s been exposed to a particularly harsh chemical or unsanitary substance to make sure there isn’t prolonged contact of the contaminant with your skin. All you need to do is leave the ring for at least half an hour in a mixture of a half cup of vinegar and a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide. Follow up this soak by scrubbing with a toothbrush, then rinse the ring with hot water.

Enso rings are easy and inexpensive to care for and clean. Keep yours in good shape by following these simple steps and get the most out of your silicone wedding ring.

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