Silicone Wedding Bands Are the Perfect Alternative to Metal

I recently bought silicone wedding rings for my husband and me, and we absolutely love them! I feel like switching from metal rings to silicone rings was the right move for us.

If you work in a demanding or dangerous position like my husband and I do, you have to make a decision about wearing your wedding rings. We live in Montana, and my husband is a logger. While his employer doesn’t forbid him from wearing his wedding ring to work, it’s a concern for him. He’s afraid that while he’s operating heavy machinery and cutting timber that the ring could get caught, either on the equipment or the log itself. It’s scary to think of getting injured out there on the jobsite, far away from the help you might need. He doesn’t want his wedding ring to be the reason he lost a finger.

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I am a nurse in a local hospital, so I understand the danger. And while nurses are also not forbidden from wearing metal wedding rings at our hospital, I have my concerns as well. Nursing is dirty work. We come into contact with all types of bodily fluids, including saliva, urine, feces, vomit and blood. This is especially problematic with an engagement ring or a wedding band that is etched.

It’s true — I’m usually wearing gloves at work. But gloves tear and sometimes emergencies happen and you don’t have time to put your gloves on first.

I used to clean my metal wedding band when I got home from work, but especially during COVID-19, it never seemed like enough. In order to properly disinfect surfaces, you must allow a harsh product like a bleach solution to sit on it for one to two minutes. This is not safe for a traditional wedding band because it would harm the metal.

Truth be told, I’d have trouble eating food I had to touch, such as a sandwich or a piece of fruit, because I would feel afraid it would touch my metal ring and that would make it dirty.

Many nurses, doctors and others in professions like my husband simply don’t wear their wedding rings to work so the rings stay safe. But my husband and I got married only three months ago, and we love to wear our rings. Seeing my ring during the day reminds me of how happy I am to be married to my husband.

I worry that if we don’t wear our rings, people will not know that we are married. I have unmarried girlfriends who wear silicone rings to discourage men from making moves on them. They report it helps a lot. I don’t want to return to the days when I had no ring to wear, and I don’t want this for my husband either.

One of our friends who repairs motorcycles for a living told us how he started wearing a silicone ring to work. He said it was super comfortable, it wasn’t expensive and it made him feel safe and his wife feel secure for him to wear a silicone wedding band to work.

So I looked into it. I like the Enso Rings site because there are so many options and it’s so easy to navigate. While Enso offers rings in standard, thin and halo styles, my husband and I opted to both get the standard style. The wide band shows the beauty of the ring and it just makes more of an impact.

Although the etched rings were adorable, we stayed away from those because my husband said his would constantly be filled with sawdust and mine — well, I didn’t want to think of what mine would be filled with!

For my husband, we got the platinum Elements classic silicone ring. This ring is part of a collection meant to look like metal — gold, silver, etc. Enso also has pearl, ruby, bronze, copper and peacock. We wanted to stay away from black rings, because we thought that would make people think he was a police officer. At the same time, we didn’t want a light or bright color, because his ring would always look dirty. So we went with platinum, which is a dark gray color. It’s perfect! We both love it. The material is the same throughout, so unlike a metal ring, it takes a beating and still looks exactly the same.

His colleagues have asked about it and he told them he got it at Enso Rings.

For me, we chose topaz, my birthstone. I wanted the wider standard width so that it was clear to people it was a wedding band and not just a fashion statement.

Another thing I love about Enso Rings that you don’t find on other silicone ring sites is that Enso doesn’t immediately pigeonhole buyers by gender. My sister is transgender, and the last thing she wants to see when she’s shopping is a company immediately trying to gender an item like a silicone ring. On the main Enso Rings page, when you click “find your ring,” your choices are wedding bands, just for fun, for working out and for a gift. In the wedding band picture, you see a hand with painted fingernails and a thin ring, but the person is wearing a suit and tie. It’s just so welcoming. For that reason, I bought my sister a ring while I was on the site. She’s a marine biologist, so I got her a deep sea ring in swirling patterns of blue and green. It’s so beautiful and she loves it!

I’m going to get my niece some stackables for her birthday this year — I think she will just love the style and colors. And because she’s a high school student, she doesn’t have to worry about safety like my husband does, or cleanliness like I do — she can wear her twisted rope style stackables 24/7.

I’m probably going to get myself another silicone ring or two, or maybe a bracelet, because they’re just such a fun accessory! And you can’t beat the price. Take a look — you might find that you love silicone rings as much as I do!

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