Silicone Rings: A Durable Alternative to Wedding Rings?

For thousands of years, humans have crafted jewelry from metals like gold, silver and copper. Metal rings’ beauty and craftsmanship captivate us, but not everyone can wear them. Some people turn to silicone rings as an alternative, but do they stand up to the rigors of everyday life? If you’re wondering “How long do silicone rings last?”, keep reading. You may find the answers surprising.

Silicone Rings: A Durable Alternative to Wedding Rings?

The 411 on Silicone

The term “silicone rings” is a little inaccurate because these rings are crafted from medical grade silicone. A blend of silicone and rubber, this material is used for devices that come in contact with skin, mucous membranes or other parts of the body. Since medical grade silicone is biocompatible, it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. Nearly anyone can wear silicone rings every day without experiencing adverse reactions.

Strength and Flexibility

Medical grade silicone was created for medical devices, but it offers more benefits than biocompatibility. This compound is both incredibly strong and supple, so it stands up to everyday wear and offers some wiggle room for minor changes in finger sizing. That’s why silicone rings don’t get nicks or scratches. Since they also lack hard edges, they also don’t leave scratches on hard surfaces or rip materials like fabrics or latex. Silicone rings are also much easier to remove from swollen fingers because the material stretches as your skin expands.

Safety Comes First

Now that you understand a little more about silicone rings, you may appreciate another advantage they offer: safety. Traditional metal rings are much more rigid, so they can’t expand to release a trapped finger. On the job, this can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and sustaining a serious injury.

Some workplaces don’t allow employees to wear jewelry because they can get caught in heavy machinery. But even in work environments that don’t forbid jewelry, it still may not be wise to wear your wedding ring. Snagging your ring on another object can be very painful, and it may result in an uncommon yet horrific injury called ring avulsion. You really don’t want to Google it and look at the pictures: Just know that it can result in permanent damage or a lost finger.

In contrast, silicone rings’ ability to stretch is also their biggest safety feature. When your finger is trapped, a breaking silicone ring is a good thing. Depends on the kind you buy, your ring snaps open after a lot of force is exerted on it. Catching on a countertop or snagging on a hook are no longer major hazards. Not only that, you can cut the ring free if your finger is hopelessly trapped.

Great for Your Active Lifestyle

Silicone rings offer an interesting paradox: They’re both strong and breakable. Everyday wear won’t damage their durable surfaces, which means your ring stays gorgeous for a long time. Since they break under pressure, you also face less risk of severe injury. When you’re headed to the gym or a workplace where safety is a key concern, swapping out your metal ring for a silicone one may be a wise move.

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