The Best of Both Worlds: Silicone Wedding Rings That Look Like Metal

For people who work with their hands or lead an active lifestyle, silicone wedding rings offer significant advantages over those made of precious metals. They can expand with your finger when it swells due to weather conditions, they do not conduct heat or electricity, and they can tear away if they get caught on something, helping you to avoid a gruesome ring avulsion injury.

However, silicone rings can also pose some disadvantages. Silicone is a rubber-like substance, and it may be obvious to the casual observer that your ring is not made of metal. If you are more traditionally minded, you may not appreciate the nonstandard appearance of a silicone wedding ring, and if you are an introvert, you may not enjoy the attention that a silicone wedding ring can attract from strangers.

Fortunately, there are alternatives available to those who want the comfort and safety of a silicone wedding ring with the traditional appearance of precious metal. A number of top brands offer silicone wedding rings that look like gold, silver, or other precious metals. Here are some of the most attractive options that offer you the best of both worlds.

Woman holding ice cream and wearing silicone ring


SafeRingz caters to working-class people who want the features of a silicone wedding ring with a traditional appearance. The material SafeRingz uses closely resembles real metal, yet tears away with relative ease when placed under stress.

Because the goal was to create a silicone wedding ring with a traditional appearance, SafeRingz does not offer a wide range of different styles, which may be disappointing to those who would like their rings to express some personality. Nevertheless, SafeRingz are customizable with personalized engravings and do come in a wide range of colors.

Groove Life

While SafeRingz caters to the working class, Groove Life caters to those who lead an active lifestyle. Its claim to fame is its breathability to prevent your finger from sweating while working out or participating in athletics. It accomplishes this with its special grooves on the inside of each ring.

Groove Life offers three metallic-colored wedding ring options for men but a much wider range for women, including some nontraditional color options with a metallic sheen for those who want a unique look.


Enso rings are the most unique of all the metallic-colored wedding ring options. Other brands offer wedding rings with the appearance of metal. Enso rings actually have precious metals infused right into the silicone. This gives Enso rings an unexpected shine and shimmer while still maintaining safety and nonconductivity.

Another advantage of Enso rings is that they also offer several different styles for a unique look. The manufacturers of Enso rings presented their creations on the TV program Shark Tank. They impressed the investors enough to receive an offer.

It should be stated that no silicone ring can completely mimic the appearance of metal. People who examine your ring close up will still be able to tell the difference. However, from a distance or with a casual glance, most observers probably will not notice unless you choose to draw attention to the fact that your ring is actually made of silicone.

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