Are Silicone Rings Conductive?

Conductivity is an important issue for many individuals who work with their hands. If you have a job where you handle high-voltage electrical wiring and equipment, you need a ring that doesn’t conduct electricity. Silicone rings are safe, non-conductive and a perfect option for practical wedding bands and other commemorative rings.

Are Silicone Rings Conductive?

Conductivity Risks

Most traditional ring materials are highly conductive. While copper is the most common metal used in electrical wiring, silver is actually more conductive. Gold is also considered a highly conductive material. All other types of metal rings are conductive in some way.

Conductivity is a small risk for most individuals. Unfortunately, individuals who work with electricity are at a high risk of electrical shock due to conductivity. Electricians, electrical engineers and other individuals may not be able to wear a metal ring at work. These individuals need a ring option that is safe at work and stylish throughout the day.

Silicone and ceramic are popular options for non-conductive rings. Unfortunately, ceramic easily scratches and tarnishes. If you want a non-conductive ring, you typically work with your hands, so scratching and tarnishing are inevitable.

Silicone is the leading non-conductive ring option. It doesn’t have the hard edges of a metal ring, so you don’t have to worry about your ring wearing away your glove and posing a risk of electrical shock. It’s an affordable option, so you can easily break away your silicone ring if it becomes caught or a hazard on the job.

Benefits of Silicone Rings

Silicone is a safe option at the workplace for a number of reasons. First, the non-conductive nature of silicone makes it great for anyone in electrical industries. Silicone is also a hypo-allergenic option, so if you or someone you know is allergic to metal silicone is a safe and comfortable option.

Other workers who use their hands can benefit from silicone rings. Unlike metal, silicone has a low break away point. Metal rings take a serious amount of pressure to break them, which often damages your finger first. This is particularly true of rugged metals like titanium. Silicone has a breaking point of just 40 pounds. This means that you can safely remove your hand if your ring becomes lodged in a tight space.

After gaining weight, jamming your finger or experiencing a bee sting, your finger may swell uncomfortably around your ring. Metal wedding rings makes this painful experience difficult to prevent or relieve. Silicone rings are flexible and stretchable, so you can easily remove them to relieve pressure from your swollen finger.

Enjoy a Personalized Silicone Ring at Work and Home

Check out the latest silicone wedding ring options to discover the best option for you. Because silicone isn’t conductive, you won’t have to worry about the risk of electrical shock caused by your ring. Choose a safe, comfortable ring option that you can wear at work and proudly sport on the weekend. Select the ideal style, color and design that matches your personality and enjoy two unique bands or match your partners band for a memorable wedding ring option.

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