Are Silicone Rings Durable?

If you really want to test how durable silicone rings are, dig up your treasure troves from the 1990s and 2000s. You likely wore quite a few of these as accessories during grade school. If you missed this wonderful era then just ask the people who owned them. More commonly worn as bracelets at back then, silicone truly stands the test of time. Don’t be surprised if someone finds one that’s 10 or 20 years old to show you.

Many people now bring that level of durability into a show of commitment. For some, it is a commitment to their spouse. For others, it illustrates a promise to themselves or a commitment to a certain lifestyle. So, here are some of the many giveaways that these rings will last a lifetime.

Are Silicone Rings Durable

Deliberate Breaking

Silicone rings are so tough that they are designed to break on purpose. Compare this to a breakaway collar on a cat. Of course, you want to keep your cat safe and easily identifiable. However, if that collar got snagged in a tree branch, the results would be disastrous. Because of this, cat collars tend to break away on purpose. Silicone rings have built-in avulsion mechanisms for the same reason. This is one of the biggest reasons people switch from metal rings.

Heat Resistance

Silicone is heat resistant. This is why so many firefighters and chefs wear these at work. Heat resistance also contributes to durability. This is why it’s necessary to use laser technology to engrave them. You might point out that metal is pretty heat resistant too, but not quite. It conducts heat. If you’ve ever made the mistake of leaving a metal bracelet or necklace on when using a sauna, then you know firsthand how uncomfortable this is. Silicon also resists fading from the sun for years to come.

Active Buyers

Take a look at the people who most often advocate for wearing silicone rings. While many people wear them for fashion now, there are even more professionals who wear them for functional purposes. Weight lifters, construction workers, mechanics and military personnel often cause great damage to their rings. As illustrated above, sometimes it’s the other way around. Silicone rings are safer, more comfortable and can also withstand the beating they get in these professions.


Some people don’t believe in wearing a wedding ring at all. Then, there are others who splurge on a wedding ring worth six months’ of their salary. Silicone rings offer the commitment of forever without the price tag. The fact that so many people now use these to signify their commitment to marriage shows the trust placed in this material. Couples who choose silicone rings can then use the thousands of dollars they save to take the honeymoon trip of a lifetime; then, return home without debt.

Lifetime Guarantees

At Enso, we offer a lifetime moneyback guarantee on our rings. There are two reasons for this. The first is that we know we provide you with a superior product that meets high-quality standards. The second is that these small rings are built like tanks when it comes to durability.

Are you looking for rings that offer you the durability, personal touch and affordability you crave? Pick yours up from our online store today.

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