Why Choose a Silicone Ring?

Most wedding, engagement and decorative rings are made from metal, but the material becomes inconvenient in plenty of situations. For those situations, silicone rings can provide all the sentimental and emotional value of rings with a much softer and more forgiving material. These rings are safe to wear in any situation, even when working with tools or chemicals.

Hypoallergenic Choice

Metal allergies can make wearing rings an irritating and uncomfortable experience, and experts estimate around 5% of people have them. Since wedding and engagement rings have so much social significance, most people want to wear them for sentimental reasons, not just appearances. Silicone is hypoallergenic and won’t cause the same kinds of allergic reactions, which can include hives and skin discoloration.

Use it During Exercise

Lifting weights or using gym equipment become awkward and uncomfortable with a metal ring on. Most people take their rings off to exercise, whether they swim, run or hike, because it’s too easy to lose a ring during vigorous activity. They’re also uncomfortable to wear when you are being active. Silicone rings are the ideal substitute for metal rings in this situation. The material can be replaced inexpensively in the case of a loss, and it’s flexible enough to be comfortable during any kind of exercise.

Great for Travel

If you travel often, chances are you have lost an item or two in a hotel room or during the airport security rush. Jewelry with sentimental value is the last thing you want to lose, but it can happen easily due to its small size. During visits to unfamiliar places, jewelry theft may be a concern. With silicone rings, you can leave your real, valuable rings behind in favor of an item that is easily replaceable and still communicates the symbolic meaning of a ring: your commitment to another person.

Safely Wear Rings Again

Jewelry can be a safety hazard in many situations, and rings in particular can be dangerous to your fingers. The metal can get caught or snagged and damage a finger. Jobs where you regularly work with power tools and heavy duty materials may make it unsafe to wear a metal ring. Silicone is a great alternative that has none of the safety concerns. Though it stretches and holds up to light pressure, it will break off instead of causing harm to your hand or finger. Metal rings can cause serious damage to your finger, since they won’t give way if they get caught on something.

Rings can be uncomfortable to wear when working with sprays, adhesive and liquids, especially in work as a hairstylist or cooking. Silicone is an inert material, meaning it does not react to most chemicals, so it is safe to wear when cleaning or doing other activities.

If you’re tired of metal rings getting in your way, or if you haven’t been able to wear your metal ring as often as you want to, consider getting a silicone ring so you can showcase your commitment at all times. These silicone rings come in a wide range of colors, so you can find your favorite color or something that will match all your outfits.

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