The Danger of Metal Rings

While the traditional style for many wedding rings is a design in gold, platinum or other precious metal, some couples are opting for alternative materials for this symbol of commitment and love. Metal rings present a few problems with safety and other concerns. If you have a fitness addiction, work with your hands or just plain have bad luck, a metal ring may not be the best solution. Here are some things to know about the dangers of metal rings.

The Danger of Metal Rings


Here’s some bad news. It’s entirely possible to be allergic to your wedding ring. Millions of people suffer from skin contact allergies, and some metals may be a big culprit. If you have any type of metal allergy, wearing a metal ring is going to be uncomfortable and impacting your health. A metal allergy may cause redness, swelling, itching and other irritating symptoms. A better bet is to choose a hypoallergenic silicone wedding ring that won’t bother your sensitive skin.

Stuck Ring

Next, it’s a common danger to accidentally get your ring stuck on your finger. Emergency rooms have countless stories of people who got their rings stuck and ended up getting the ring cut off, ruining their expensive investment. Here’s the deal. Temperature changes, hormones and simple daily routine differences can cause your fingers to swell up, making a tight metal ring a serious problem.

Job Safety

Job safety is another issue for some people who wear metal rings. Workers who do anything with their hands may be at risk of damaging their ring or worse. Some employees who work with heavy machinery or other devices may not even be allowed to wear metal rings. So instead of leaving your important ring at home every time you go to work, it may be a better idea to choose something a little more convenient, like a silicone design.

Electrical Hazards

Another scary potential danger with a metal ring is electrical conductivity. Yes, it’s entirely possible for your ring to conduct electricity and possibly give you a shock. So much so that some jobs don’t even allow their workers to wear any metal jewelry. Jobs working in electricity, welding or in telecommunications installations may not let employees wear metal wedding rings for safety.


Finally, precious metals and fancy gemstones are a big target for another scary danger, thieves. Wearing a pricey gold ring with an enormous diamond isn’t the best idea if you’re going through a bad neighborhood. If you’re traveling to a city that is known for pickpockets, heads up, you’re about to be a target. For situations like that, you can still opt to wear your wedding ring. Maybe choose something that’s not as flashy, like a simple and elegant silicone ring design.

If you’re trying to decide which material you want your wedding ring to be made out of, metal sure is pretty, but it may not be the safest choice depending on your lifestyle. It may be more convenient and better for your habits and career to choose something that is more flexible and less likely to be a hazard like a silicone ring design.

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