Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Electricians

Time to hit the daily grind once again! Your coffee is ready. You had a good night’s sleep. You are ready to put in eight hours at a job you love. The only problem is that you are not sure if you should bring your wedding band along with you. Unfortunately, there are certain professions where having a ring of metal around your finger poses more risks than benefits and electrician is one of them. You do not have to fret. A silicone Enso Ring can work wonders, and there are many benefits to using one if you frequently work with wiring.

Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Electricians

They Are Non-Conductive

The main concern with metal wedding bands for electricians is that the metal conducts electricity. You spend almost every day dealing with crossed wires and high voltages. The last thing you want is for your hand to serve as the ground and making an electrical current go through your fingers.

That concern is a thing of the past with silicone rings. They are non-conductive, which means electrical currents cannot pass through them. You can continue working on all of the wires you like knowing your hand is safe. For your safety, you either have to wear a silicone ring or nothing at all, so when you still want to show your commitment to your marriage on the job, silicone bands make an excellent option.

They Can Be Torn Away

Another problem with metal bands electricians have to deal with is that they do not break easily. That is intentional. After all, you would not want a symbol of your eternal love to crack at the slightest amount of pressure. However, for certain professions, this poses a huge hazard.

Some people end up losing a finger because the wedding band does not break when the hand is exposed to high levels of pressure. That is not a problem for silicone bands, which are designed to break at certain tensile strengths. They are designed to break, so if something crushes your hand, it will not result in finger avulsion.

They Are Lightweight

The final added benefit of silicon bands is their weight. Metal wedding rings are not necessarily heavy, but they will add an extra bit of weight to your hand. This can throw off certain measurements when you need to eyeball how much of a specific substance to work with. Silicone bands barely weigh anything at all.

A silicone band will rest on your finger, and you will not even notice it is there. Ultimately, silicone rings offer peace of mind. You do not have to remember to remove a piece of jewelry first thing in the morning. You already know what to reach for, and safety is the greatest benefit of all.

Silicone rings come in all styles and colors. You are bound to find one both you and your spouse adore. Once you have selected your ring, you are ready to wear it every single day to work. After you witness the advantages for yourself, make sure to tell all of your buddies about it, so they too can be protected while on the job.

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