Silicone rings are great for nurses, doctors and physical therapists

When you work in a medical profession, jewelry isn’t practical in most cases. In particular, rings are rarely worn by nurses, doctors and other medical professionals because they can be hazardous to wear. Fortunately, there is a safe alternative to metal rings. Silicone rings restore the ability of medical professionals to wear wedding bands while still staying safe on the job. Here are a few of the top reasons silicone rings are a great option for nurses, doctors and physical therapists.

Silicone rings are great for nurses, doctors and physical therapists

Easy To Clean

Traditional metal rings can be difficult to clean, especially if they have intricate designs on them. Even the tiny nooks between precious stones can be exceptionally difficult to keep free from debris. Silicone, on the other hand, is extremely easy to clean. No special tools or solutions are required. Simple soap and water will do the trick every time.

Breaks Away

Most rings are dangerous to wear in medical professions because they can get caught and injure fingers. Silicone rings don’t pose that risk. With brilliant break-away technology, you can rest assured that your ring will come off before it poses any risk to you finger. This is a benefit that makes silicone rings attractive for all professionals who work with their hands in any capacity.

Medical Grade Silicone Available

Medical grade silicone rings have been carefully tested to ensure biocompatibility. Rings made from this type of material are safe for all different types of medical professionals. They’re not only safe for your own skin, but for your patients’ skin as well. Rings made from medical grade silicone can give you and your patients considerable peace of mind.

Provides Flexibility

When you work in a medical profession, you need to be able to complete detailed, intricate actions with your fingers. Often, metal rings can get in the way and can hamper your ability to move your fingers freely. Since silicone rings are so flexible, they don’t limit your movements. In fact, you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing a ring, since the silicone moves so naturally with you.

Won’t Break Through Gloves

You probably wear gloves most of the time while you’re working. Traditional metal rings with their stiff metal components and sharp jewels can easily break through delicate gloves. This can not only be an inconvenience, but a safety hazard to both you and your patients. By wearing soft, low-profile silicone rings, you won’t need to worry about tearing your gloves. No part of a silicone ring is jagged or sharp. Even if your glove gets pressed against your hand, the soft rubber material your ring is made from won’t break through.


Silicone rings are incredibly affordable and easy to replace if they do break away in medical machinery at work. Even though they’re made to be very durable in normal circumstances, if for some reason your ring doesn’t last your entire lifetime, replacing it won’t cost you a fortune. In most cases, it will cost you much less than $100.

These benefits and more make silicone rings the perfect choice for medical professionals. Now you have the ability to wear your wedding band without worrying about sacrificing your safety or the safety of your patients.

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