When You Shouldn’t Wear Your Metal Rings

Metal rings are certainly beautiful. You may not ever want to take your wedding band, but there are situations where you will be better off without it. You need to take care during certain activities or else you can end up losing your precious ring or even hurt yourself. Here are a few scenarios where you will be better off with a band from Enso Rings that you will not care about as much if it becomes damaged.


You may wonder how you can end up in trouble sleeping with a metal ring on. The truth is there are many situations where your ring can become entangled. It can get caught in your hair or within the bedding. Additionally, if your ring has a diamond on it, then you could inadvertently scratch yourself when you mindlessly go to scratch something. As part of your evening routine, take the ring off and set it by your nightstand.

Operating Heavy Machinery

In the event you work somewhere with heavy-duty machines, you never want your wedding ring on. Your ring could become caught within the components of the machine, leading to significant injuries. It is also important to put the metal rings away when you work with any electrical equipment. Instead, you will want a band that is non-conductive, such as a silicone ring.

Doing the Dishes

You have likely heard about horror stories where someone was washing the dishes only for their wedding band to come loose and fall down the sink. It is possible you can fish it out, but you never want to put yourself in harm’s way by reaching down to get it. Before you get anywhere near a sponge and soap, you want to take the ring off.


Jumping into a pool is a great way to get some exercise. However, it is also a good place to lose your ring. When your skin is exposed to water for prolonged periods of time, your skin shrinks and contracts. You have likely noticed your hands get pruney after spending some time in the water. When your fingers shrink, your ring can easily slip off. It is even more important to take off your ring if you plan on going kayaking or river rafting where it will be impossible to find your ring at the bottom of the water.


You may love to bake cookies, cupcakes and all kinds of other sugary treats. Before you put on your chef’s hat, you want to remove the ring. Residue from syrups and dough and end up caught around your ring. It will become a major pain to try to remove it later. Additionally, these substances can potentially harm any precious stones on the ring, so keep it out of harm’s way.

Luckily, there is a way you can show off your commitment to your marriage even if you work around heavy machinery all the time. A silicone band will not pose the same kind of threats. You also will not be as disappointed if something does happen to it because these bands usually cost around $20 to $30.

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