Do Silicone Rings Prevent Avulsion?

Ring avulsion occurs when a person’s metal ring gets caught in or by an object, causing injury to the skin, muscles, tendons or bones of their finger or hand. From torn skin to a worst-case scenario of finger amputation, ring avulsion is usually painful and can involve health care costs and expenses. Silicone wedding rings and other types of rings have become popular with people who want to wear finger jewelry and avoid injury. They help prevent ring avulsion in the following ways.

Do Silicone Rings Prevent Avulsion?


American comedian and television presenter Jimmy Fallon made headlines in 2015 when he caught his wedding ring on the side of a table, nearly ripping his finger from his hand in the process. Unlike a traditional metal ring, a silicone ring bends and breaks when under pressure. Whether you’re a machinist or a chef, if your silicone ring becomes caught in a lathe or a mixer it will break free from your finger, reducing the risk of injury to your valuable digit.


Generally, silicone ring designers create rings that are lower in profile than most metal rings. Consider metal rings with inset stones and embossed designs, for example. These rings up the ring-avulsion factor because of their prongs and decorative textures. No matter how small or subtle, a prong or ridge can catch on something as innocuous as a curtain or screen. A smooth, low-profile silicone ring reduces the avulsion risk factor.


If you wear a metal ring throughout the year, it may feel tighter in warmer weather and looser in cooler temperatures. This is due to your finger changing size with changing temperatures and conditions. A loose, sliding ring is especially prone to catching. Silicone rings are flexible and heat-resistant, which means once you choose the right-sized ring it conforms to the shape of your finger despite changes in temperature, humidity or altitude.

Lightweight and Breathable

Silicone rings are more lightweight than their metal counterparts. Sweaty hands and fingers can cause heavier metal rings to slide up and down fingers, making ring avulsion more likely. Many silicone ring designers incorporate perforations in their products, allowing air to circulate and moisture to escape. These dry, comfortable conditions allow the silicone ring to stay put – so much so that the wearer hardly knows it’s there!

Affordable and Accessible

Silicone ring manufacturers such as Enso and Ventureborn offer plenty of sizes, designs and colors at affordable prices. For example, you can find a high-quality silicone ring from retailers for a few dollars. Many manufacturers also offer custom designs to suit your unique vision and needs. Ring shopping has never been so easy and fun!

Ring avulsion is a risk for anyone who wears a traditional ring in the workplace or at home and abroad. It can happen if you catch your ring on a nail, a fence or clothing. No metal ring wearer is exempt from potential injury and harm. That’s why silicone rings are popular with all kinds of ring wearers, from newlyweds and engaged couples to outdoor, wilderness and fitness fanatics to medical, military and construction professionals.

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