Enso vs. Qalo vs. Groove silicone rings

Silicone rings are growing increasingly popular right now. They have been around for decades, primarily marketed to workers who couldn’t wear traditional rings for safety reasons. However, today, all sorts of people are looking to silicone rings for a more comfortable, safe and robust alternative to metal wedding bands.

If you are shopping for a silicone ring, you may be unsure which brand is the right choice for you. The following three brands are some of the most popular. Learn a little more about what factors make each one special.


Enso Rings are made with a hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone. This helps ensure that they will be as comfortable and durable as possible. The brand offers numerous design and color choices including several with geometric and organic edges. Some Enso rings are designed to be stackable, so you can customize your style easily.

Unlike some other brands, Enso rings, despite being robust, are designed to break if they get caught in anything dangerous. This helps avoid finger injuries due to ring avulsion. Additionally, Enso Rings’ products are backed by a lifetime warranty. They also allow exchanges if you decide the design isn’t exactly what you want. If you have a high-end ring that matches your style, you will love Enso.


Qalo rings come in a wide variety of colors and styles also. In fact, Qalo may have the largest variety of options of any major silicone ring brand. They have a unique program of partnering with non-profits to create custom rings. Supporters can wear the organizations’ designs and part of the proceeds go to that cause.

If you are shopping for a wedding band, Qalo offers engraving for its rings. This is a nice way to make your ring a little more personal. The brand is focused on active lifestyle customers. The founders started the company due to a lack of options for married people who enjoy climbing, working out, surfing and more.


Like Enso and Qalo, Groove offers a variety of colors. Their most popular options are relatively conventional, such as a gray Groove Life ring. However, they also have some more adventurous color choices. Interestingly, many of the designs are two-tone with one of the colors facing the inside of the ring. This creates a sort of personal design that is only known by the wearer.

Groove’s designs feature a figure-eight groove on the inside of the ring. While this is partially an aesthetic choice, it also serves a purpose. The groove helps to keep moisture away from the skin, a common problem with some older-style silicone rings. Groove also offers a lifetime warranty even for lost rings.

Find Your Silicone Ring

Each of these brands offers excellent silicone rings. If you are looking for one for yourself or someone else, you won’t be disappointed by Enso, Qalo or Groove. Each has some unique benefits such as Groove’s air vents and Enso’s superior safety. Nonetheless, once you find a design you love, you will likely be very happy with your choice. Learn more about Enso, Qalo and Groove and find your ring,

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