Make a Silicone Ring Your Own With Personalization

You’ll be hard-pressed to find jewelry options offering better safety and security than that provided by a silicone ring. Although silicone jewelry is known for its practicality, providing fewer opportunities for injury when worn in some workplaces or during physical activities, you may not be aware of how stylish it can be. Selecting traditional jewelry adorned with details and precious stones offers ample opportunity to choose a ring perfectly befitting its intended recipient. Now picking out silicone rings provides just as many opportunities for capturing the style of that certain special someone who’ll soon be flaunting it on a finger.

Read on to find out why silicone rings are the modern, practical and fashionable choice when it comes to selecting jewelry for yourself or loved ones. Learn more about the different personalization options currently available and which brands are offering the ability to truly make a silicone ring your own.

Make a Silicone Ring Your Own With Personalization

Affordable Customization

Enjoy both affordability and a wide array of customizing options when you choose an Enso personalized silicone ring. When it comes to selection, you’ll find a wide variety of Enso ring styles. Choose from thin bands, classic bands and those with stylized details. Engraving is available on many of Enso’s rings and personalization costs just $9.99. Enso personalization provides the opportunity to add a message, special word or initials with up to either 15 or 25 characters depending on the band style and size. Engraving can be added to either the inside or outside depending on the ring chosen. Once you’ve decided on a special message, choose between three different fonts to truly reflect the style preferences of the wearer. Enso also offers a selection of symbols that can be added, including a snowflake, music note, diamond, cross, mountains and a sprig of holly.

Keeping Customization Simple

The silicone ring company QALO may not offer quite as many choices to decide between when customizing a ring, but with quality, attractive styles and simple personalization, the brand offers plenty of opportunity to wow with unique and thoughtful jewelry. Ring engraving costs $11.95 and includes personalization to the ring exterior or interior. Choose between men’s and women’s rings in three different styles and add up to 12 characters in your choice of two different fonts.

A Large Array of Personalization Options

You may certainly be able to build a customized piece of jewelry with a lower price tag when ordering an Enso or QALO silicone ring, however, it’s tough to beat the number of options provided when personalizing a Groove ring. The majority of custom Groove silicone rings are priced at $39.95 and include details such as the ability to choose your font color so your message really pops on the ring. Choose your own message with a maximum of 10 characters or opt for a stylish monogrammed style. The personality or interests of a Groove ring-wearer really shine through when you choose from the brand’s categories of themed symbols, including:

  • Adventure
  • Wildlife
  • Faith
  • Greek

As you can see, the silicone rings of today are anything but boring. Protect fingers from injury without making style sacrifices with the wide selection of customizable silicone ring options available on the market. Whether the ring style, price or number of personalization options are most important to you, there’s a silicone ring perfect for slipping on the finger of someone special.

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