The 5 Best Silicone Ring Brands

It’s hard to imagine there’s a fate more dire for a newlywed than losing his or her wedding ring. Actually, there’s one fate that sounds just as bad – ring avulsion.

For those of you that don’t spend the hours before sleep winding your way down gruesome Wikipedia rabbit holes, this type of avulsion occurs when your ring catches itself on equipment, machinery, or some otherwise dangerous object and rips off a large portion of your finger and hand’s skin. So, probably one of the worst things that could happen to a person.

But that’s not the only reason to get a silicone ring. They’re an alternative for those who have allergic reactions to metal and make for a fashionable option for the budget-oriented. Make sure to check out our list of the best silicone rings brand so you can find the perfect symbol of commitment towards your spouse and your ring finger.

Woman holding ice cream and wearing silicone ring


If there’s a face to the world of silicone rings, it’s Enso. The company appeared on an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank, where they secured a deal with Robert Herjavec, and live up to their status as the big boys in this space.

Enso’s popularity stems their material, which is silicone infused with real metal like copper and silver. This infusion gives their rings an elegant look that other brands can lack. When you see the shimmer of an Enso ring next to the dull finish of a lesser competitor, the difference stands out.


Groove Plus Life rings are built to last, and the company stands behind their product with a lifetime warranty that covers replacements should your ring become scratched, faded, or lost. When a company offers that much protection against damage, that generally means they know they’ve built something sturdy.

You could expect that such a solidly built ring would be uncomfortable to wear, but Groove Plus Life rings come with little spaces built into the underside of the ring, allowing air and moisture to escape. If your hands get clammy, this may be the ring for you.


If you want a ring that’s unique to you and your spouse, it’s hard to go wrong with QALO’s silicone rings. They designed their rings in classic and modern styles, and you can engrave a custom message in your ring through their website. You can even customize the ring, so it serves as a medical ID band for first responders.

QALO rings are designed to be stackable, meaning you’re able to wear several of them at once to further enhance and accent their style. Because the rings are priced reasonably low, it may even be less expansive to go the stackable route rather than a single metal ring.

There are many reasons to go with a silicone ring instead of a metal one for your wedding ceremony. Silicone rings are stylish. They provide an alternative to people with metal allergies. They’re even an elegant option for those buying their rings on a budget. Finally, for those of you that work with dangerous equipment (including barbells and exercise machines), they keep the skin from being torn from your hand. So, no matter what of the top silicone rings brands you go with, it’s a real win-win.

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