What Does a Black Silicone Ring Mean?

If you’ve noticed an influx of people sporting black silicone rings over the last few years, you aren’t the only one. From simple black bands to more ornate designs, these rings are trendy in some areas but also have several important meanings.

Woman holding ice cream and wearing silicone ring

The Early Meanings of Black Rings

Black rings have been worn as symbolism for centuries. During the Victorian era, people in the west would wear them to indicate they were in a period of mourning. Because people during those times often died younger, the rings were quite common and even became somewhat of a fashion statement of the times During the same period, though, people in the east wore black rings for a different reason. They wore black jewelry as a means of protecting themselves from bad luck and evil. This is because many of the metals and minerals that are historically thought to be protective also happen to be black. These days, some people still wear black rings as a symbol of mourning or to ward off bad luck, but there are more common reasons as well.

Modern Symbolism of Black Rings in Romance and Sexuality

In recent years, the symbolism of black rings have become more commonly connected to sexuality and romance, although the specific symbolism depends on which someone wears the ring on. Since 2016, it is commonly believed that people who wear the ring on their right middle finger are indicating that they aren’t open to sexual approaches. Usually, this is because the person is asexual or “graysexual,” which means they do not experience sexual attraction at all or rarely do.

When worn on the thumb, a black ring may indicate one of two things. For some, it means the person identifies as a lesbian who has absolutely no interest in men. For others, it’s an indication that someone is available for encounters with people at parties.

The shape of the ring may matter, too. Some people wear black rings that have an infinity symbol on it. In recent years, the infinity symbol has become an indication that someone is polyamorous or ethically non-monogamous, which means they have romantic attraction and relationships with more than one person simultaneously.

Symbolism of Black Rings With Stone Sets

Sometimes, the black ring someone is wearing also has a stone set or is made of a specific material. These may have their own meanings as well. For example, rainbow stones may mean someone is LGBTQ, while a blue one might mean the person wearing it is dominant. Rings with rubies are thought to have spiritual properties, while black amber is meant to absorb negative energy. Black coral is thought to stabilize emotions, and black diamond is meant to keep someone away from negativity and feeling optimistic.

Of course, someone wearing a black ring could just like the style. If you’re brave and want to know why someone is wearing a particular piece of jewelry, you could simply ask them. However, if you’re on the shy side, you may need to look for context clues. Consider whether the person has any other indicative jewelry or apparel on, whether you’re at a party, and so on. This way, you can determine whether you’re found “your people” wherever you are.

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