Why Are Silicone Rings Good for Working Out?

Silicone rings not only provide the same cultural meaning as traditional rings but also have some incredible benefits for those of you who love to work out. Here are five benefits and product examples to help you can get an idea of the wide range of options available to you.

Woman holding ice cream and wearing silicone ring

1. Lightweight and Comfortable

Thanks to lightweight silicone, silicone rings are so lightweight and comfortable on your fingers that you hardly notice their presence. This feature is especially helpful when your workout depends upon using your hands. Whether you’re lifting weights or doing push- and pull-ups, a silicone ring gives you greater comfort than a traditional metal ring. A bonus: It won’t clink on metal equipment!

Example: Ventureborn’s Thin Sage Ring from its Classic Collection has a sleek profile and provides a super comfortable fit.

2. Hypoallergenic

Medical-grade silicone rings are as close to hypoallergenic as rings can get and won’t irritate your skin.  This is especially important when you’re working up a sweat or using the equipment for your workout. While some people may have silicone allergies, it’s very rare. Generally, even if you have super-sensitive skin, you can wear a silicone ring without any irritation.

Example: Made of premium hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, Enso Rings’ Women’s Infinity Silicone Ring features anti-ring-avulsion technology.

3. Breathable

Breathability is another compelling factor for switching to a silicone ring for your workouts or everyday lifestyle. Many silicone rings feature ergonomic design concepts to promote airflow and prevent moisture collecting – no more sweaty fingers! These clever concepts can also prevent your ring from leaving a groove in your finger’s flesh.

Example: The Egnaro Silicone Wedding Ring for Men features an inset diamond pattern inside the band that prevents moisture collecting.

4. Flexible

Think about high-altitude hiking or lap swimming, for example. It’s typical for your fingers to swell at altitude and to shrink in cool water. Many people who wear metal rings choose to remove them before they work out so they don’t become too tight or loose, depending on the conditions. In comparison, silicone rings can flex with your fingers. You can leave them on without worrying whether they’re going to slip off or feel too tight.

Example: Enso Rings’ Classic Legend Silicone Ring for men and women has a unique, flexible design that offers premium comfort, even to those with swelling fingers and hands!

5. Replaceable

Do you worry about losing your metal wedding band or putting a dent in it while you’re working out? Either way, emotional and repair costs are significant. A silicone ring is a great solution. Whether you wear it only for working out or all the time, you can’t go wrong. If you lose or damage it, you can buy another without blowing your budget. Major manufacturers’ price points range between $5 and $15 for a standard silicone ring.

Example: The RinFit Silicone Wedding Ring for men and women is a budget-friendly option for sets of 4 or 6 rings.

As you can see, silicone rings have some great benefits for your active lifestyle. Today’s retailers carry a huge inventory of rings in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs to suit their customers’ needs.

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