Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Traveling

Your wedding band is an eternal symbol of the love you have for your spouse. The last thing you want to do is risk misplacing it while you are on vacation, and believe us, it happens all the time. You leave your wedding band in your hotel room while you go on a fun adventure, and when you return, it is nowhere to be found. This is just one of the many reasons why you want to wear an Enso Ring or another silicone band whenever you take a trip.

Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Traveling

It Makes Flying More Comfortable

Flying really takes its toll, and we’re not just talking about the time change. A lot of people swell up whenever a plane takes up. This can cause your fingers to swell, making a tight wedding band really stand out. It is not unusual for people to see people take off their wedding rings before a flight to avoid this. However, you will feel just as good by wearing a silicone band that can expand a bit more.

It Lets You Take Pictures With Peace of Mind

When you and your spouse head out for a fun adventure in a distant land, you will want to take as many pictures as possible to post in Instagram. The last thing you want is for your followers to view your photos and wonder why neither of you is wearing your wedding bands. It may not matter to you, but it helps if you do have a band on in these photos just to dissuade suspicions. Silicone bands are perfect for temporarily taking the place of a wedding ring, so you still show your commitment to your spouse, but your more expensive ring is safe.

It Makes You Less of a Target

Barcelona and Prague may be beautiful destinations for your next visit, but these are also hot spots for pickpockets. Regardless of where you travel, there are always some unsavory characters looking out for obvious tourists they can take advantage of. When you wear a silicone band, you become less of a target. Even if someone ends up stealing your silicone ring, you can rest easy knowing you are only out about $25 as opposed to losing something worth several thousand dollars.

It Can Ward Off Suitors

Silicone bands are also perfect for single female travelers. You may want to explore a new country all on your own. It can make for a rewarding, thrilling experience, but you may not like the attention you get from the local men. The men can be rather aggressive in certain countries, and wearing a silicone band of any kind can help bolster your story that you are happily married. It is a good idea to look at women’s silicone rings before going on your next trip just so that you have a good excuse to get out of any conversation you want to.

You deserve to go on the greatest vacation imaginable. Just make sure you have the right ring so that you are not putting your more expensive jewelry at risk.

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