Are Silicone Rings OSHA Approved?

There are numerous advantages you receive with silicone rings. You can go to more places with the peace of mind your actual wedding ring is somewhere safe and secure. Enso Rings are also a safe alternative in the event you often find yourself in situations where your actual ring could snag on something. Many people work in potentially dangerous conditions where a metal ring could work to your disadvantage, and in these situations, it would be best to invest in a silicone band.

Are Silicone Rings OSHA Approved?

OSHA Certification

In case you were wondering whether silicone rings have received any kind of certification from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the answer is no. However, that is not a negative review of the rings.

OSHA was established to create safe workplace conditions around the United States. It enforces working standards so that employees are not exposed to harmful environments. The organization does not offer certifications for any individual items. As a result, you will not find any silicone bands anywhere online boasting an OSHA seal of approval. However, that does not mean they are not a good option, especially if you work in a potentially hazardous area.

OSHA Regulations

OSHA does set forth some regulations for employers to follow to make sure all of their employees are kept safe on the job. Paragraph 1910.269(I)(6) states that when an employee performs work near an exposed, energized piece of equipment, it is the responsibility of the employer to make sure the worker is not wearing any conductive elements, such as bands, wristwatches, chains or rings. The exception is if these articles of clothing are non-conductive and do not further increase a threat. Silicone bands would fall into that category.

Paragraph 1910.269(I)(6)(i) states that employers will be issued citations if it is discovered employees do, in fact, get close to dangerous pieces of equipment with a conductive apparel item. The employer needs to make sure no employees are wearing metal rings that could get caught in a piece of machinery. Unfortunately, not all employers will check for this, so it should be up to you to make sure you do not put yourself in harm’s way. Your employer will thank you for taking an extra precaution before heading to work.

Benefits for Numerous Professions 

Even if you do not work with heavy-duty equipment every day, a silicone band may still benefit you. The following professions need to seriously consider the advantages of wearing silicone rings more often.

  • Firefighters
  • Military personnel
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Mechanics
  • Police officers
  • Cooks
  • Construction workers
  • Telephone linemen
  • Surgeons
  • Racecar drivers
  • Triathletes

Ultimately, you do not want to risk snagging your wedding ring on something and potentially injuring yourself. It is best to wear something else to work, and that way, you know your expensive wedding band is out of harm’s way. There is a vast array of silicone bands available online from the likes of Ultralite, Stackables and Infinity Ring. You are bound to find one that suits your lifestyle with the aid of Enso Rings. OSHA may not offer recommendations, but you can take our word that these bands will change the way you work.

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