Do Silicone Rings Break Easily?

More people are ditching traditional wedding bands for convenience and attractive silicone rings. There are many benefits silicone rings offer, including affordability, comfort and safety. If you work with wood, metal or any other hard materials, a silicone ring is much safer than a traditional gold wedding ring. But you may be wondering if your silicone band can stand the test of time. Here’s what you should know about the durability of silicone before you purchase your wedding band.

Woman holding ice cream and wearing silicone ring

Is Silicone as Strong As Gold?

If you’re wondering whether a silicone ring will last as long as a gold ring, the answer is no. But you probably knew that already. Silicone is, after all, silicone. It’s made from synthetic polymers that are flexible, soft and lightweight. While these features all make it an extremely comfortable material to wear as a ring, they don’t make it nearly as durable as gold. That’s to be expected, though. No one buys a silicone ring hoping it will be as durable as a gold one.

So, Will My Silicone Ring Break?

Now that you know silicone isn’t as reliable as gold, you should also know that it is plenty durable. In fact, if you take good care of your flexible little ring, it could potentially last as long as your marriage. That’s because the silicone rings are made from is created to be much stronger than the silicone you find in a bottle nipple. The silicone you find in wedding rings is made to be UV-resistant and colorfast. It’s also designed to hold its shape without shrinking or changing shape over time.

How Much Pressure Can a Silicone Ring Withstand?

Now that you know your silicone wedding band can hold its own in all types of weather, what about extreme pressure? For example, what if you have a crazy fitness routine and lift massive amounts of weight? While you may want to remove your ring for such activities anyway (they can get a little sweaty), if you forget to take it off, don’t’ worry. Your ring will be able to withstand your most intense workout sessions. On the other hand, if you work in a wood shop or other area where your ring could potentially get caught on heavy equipment, don’t panic. Ring designers create their rings to break at any pressure that’s considered dangerous. So, you don’t need to worry about losing your finger if you wear a silicone ring.

Are Silicone Rings Keepsakes?

Although your silicone rings should last as long as your marriage if cared for properly, don’t think they’ll become keepsakes for your children. Silicone rings aren’t meant to be passed down through the generations like traditional wedding rings. Instead, they’re meant to symbolize the carefree love you have for each other while in this life. If you want something to pass down to your posterity, consider keeping your wedding dress and tuxedo or writing epic love notes and framing them.

Silicone rings may not be ideal for everyone. But they’re a practical way to express your devotion to each other while still maintaining your active lifestyle.

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