How Are Silicone Rings Engraved?

Some people enjoy the feel of metal and precious gems against their skin. For those who prefer more rugged and economical alternatives, silicone rings are more their speed. As the name suggests, these are made from a rubberlike material that is durable and comfortable to wear. If you are accident-prone or typically struggle to grip things with a metal ring on your finger, this is a wonderful solution.

How Are Silicone Rings Engraved?

Laser Technology

Many people choose to get their rings engraved, especially couples who opt for silicone rings as their wedding bands. How exactly does this process work? Silicone bands are very heat resistant, so it requires concentrated heat in the form of a laser to successfully engrave it.

The first step of this process actually requires taking a step back to the design. Some companies offer you standard designs to choose from. There are also others that give you the option to customize what you engrave on the inside or outside of your silicone ring. While this may cost a little more money, it is well worth the price.

When it comes to the actual engraving process, some creatives are skilled enough to do this by hand. To accomplish this, they use smaller lasers bought online specifically for engraving. There are also some desktop models that have a similar setup to your laser printer.

Companies that sell high-quality silicone bands use commercial machines to automate the process. This ensures quality control so that if you order two matching rings, they are truly identical in every way.

Benefits of Engraved Silicone Rings

Silicone accessories were extremely popular in the 90s and early 2000s before they faded out of style. In the world of fashion, however, things almost always come full circle. Even so, some people may still wonder what the appeal is for engraved silicone rings. Here are a few.

Suits Active Lifestyles

If you use your hands a lot and spend plenty of time outdoors, your ring may cause you discomfort. It may also get seriously damaged along the way. Whether you lift weights or go rock climbing, this can pose a problem. If you are married, you may not wish to stop wearing a ring altogether. Silicone creates a much better alternative.

Built To Last

Some of the people who wear silicone rings include mechanics, military personnel, construction workers and first responders. There’s a good reason for this. Silicone rings can stand up to pretty much anything and still look as brand new as the day you got them. They are heat resistant and remain impervious to dirt and grime.

Affordable Personalization

Engraving a ring adds an additional personalized touch. This is why so many people pay to engrave their silver or gold wedding rings. Cheap engraving costs around $25 for up to 15 characters, while high-quality engravings cost around $150 for the same. In contrast, engraving a silicone ring costs just [insert price] with Enso. Would you like to purchase a beautiful silicone ring with a lifetime warranty? Drop by the Enso Rings Amazon store and select from more than a dozen colors and several different sizes.

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