Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Rock Climbers

How do you like to stay in shape? Some people like to go to the gym while others will get on their bike and hit up some nearby trails. However, if you need a real adrenaline rush, then there is nothing like grabbing your gear and going rock climbing on the face of a mountain.

Whether you like indoor or outdoor rock climbing, you should definitely check out what Enso Rings has to offer ahead of time. The last thing you want is to put your actual wedding ring in danger as you rub your hands against rocks and rope. A silicone ring can take the place of your wedding band while keeping you safer on your climb.

Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Rock Climbers

It Snaps If It Gets Caught on Anything

The main concern with wearing a metal ring while rock climbing is that you never know if it could get caught on something. It could become snagged on a branch or rock, leading to a condition known as finger avulsion. This is a grave injury caused to a finger with a ring on it due to the avulsion of soft tissues when the ring is severely pulled. This can lead to a simple contusion or require an amputation, so it is best to do everything in your power to avoid this from happening.

The problem with metal rings getting snagged is that they are durable. They will not break easily, so your finger suffers the damage. Meanwhile, silicone rings are built to snap when exposed to significant pressure. This is a benefit when it gets caught on something because the ring simply breaks apart, freeing your finger and preventing further injury.

There Is Less of a Chance of Misplacing Your Wedding Band

A wedding band is an eternal symbol of the love you have for your spouse. A silicone ring is something you spend $30 for to temporarily take the place of that band. You do not want to put your wedding band in any kind of danger. Even if you leave your ring in your duffel bag at the bottom of the mountain, you never know who or what will happen by and take the opportunity to steal it.

Overall, you just do not want anything to happen to your wedding band. You do not want it to slip off during your climb or for you to place it somewhere only to forget where it went. If you misplace your silicone ring, you will not be as upset because it is easier to replace. It is safer to leave your wedding band at home, where you know it will be safe and take something more disposable with you on your journey.

A Silicone Ring for Every Climber

You need a lot of gear before you go out rock climbing. You need to make sure you have ropes, a climbing harness, carabiners, protective devices and anything else recommended by your guide. Rock climbing is dangerous enough as is, so avoid putting yourself in harm’s way by wearing a silicone ring on your next adventure.

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