How Much Do Silicone Rings Stretch?

When you get a metal ring, you want to make sure it fits perfectly around your finger. There are ways to make adjustments, but and you may need these as you gain or lose weight over the years. However, going through the process of resizing a metal band can be a hassle. With silicone bands from Enso Rings, you have a much easier process. You can rest easy knowing silicone rings do, in fact, stretch. There is a very simple process for making sure your silicone ring fits perfectly over your finger so that it does not feel like it is cutting off the circulation.

How Much Do Silicone Rings Stretch?

How To Make Sure a Silicone Ring Fits at First

As you look through silicone rings online, you may realize none of them come in half sizes. While this may initially seem like a problem, it is actually a blessing in disguise. Bearing in mind that silicone rings can stretch, you simply need to purchase a ring that is half a size lower than what you normally wear.

For example, if your normal ring size is 6.5, then you would want to order a ring that is a size 6. When you get your ring in the mail, it will feel a little tight at first. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about. You just need to give it a few days to stretch out and conform to the size of your finger. The silicone will actually expand, so you will quickly have a new ring that looks and feels great.

How To Keep Your Silicone Ring Secure in Extreme Weather

One reason why so many people have opted for silicone bands in recent years is that they are incredibly comfortable. They are breathable, so you can wear them even when it is hot outside without your finger feeling overly sweaty. You also need to remember that your fingers contract in cold weather and expand in hot weather. This phenomenon will not be visible to the naked eye, but it can affect how well your rings fit.

Any metal bands you wear may not fit during certain points of the year. Fortunately, you can have a silicone band that stretches along with your finger. The silicone retains its elasticity and breathability all year long. Even when it becomes cold outside, the silicone will never feel heavy or slippery. You never have to worry about taking your silicone ring in for resizing because it grows and shrinks with you.

One Last Point

You need to know when a ring is too tight. Ideally, your finger will look flush with the rest of the finger. If the skin on your finger bubbles around the ring, then it is too tight. This is particularly problematic if you have already been wearing it for a few days when it should have stretched out already. In this instance, you may need to purchase something wider that fits better with your finger. There should never be any aching or tingling sensations. Luckily, Enso Rings will work with you to ensure you get a proper fit.

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