Why Silicone Rings Make Sense For Athletes of All Stripes

The importance of staying fit has never been in sharper focus, and sports remain among the most popular pursuits when it comes to physical activity. Many get their starts at various levels of youth athletics, but for those participating as teens and adults, it’s essential to pay attention to the risks posed by rigid jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets and rings are each capable of causing injuries in the heat of competition, which has led to a boom in popularity for softer, more pliable materials.

Silicone in particular has been adopted by athletes across the spectrum, offering everyone from preps to pros the ability to continue wearing important symbols with a notably lesser degree of danger. Whether you engage in team sports or prefer more individualistic activities, silicone rings can prove to be a preferable option for just about any athlete.

Why Silicone Rings Make Sense For Athletes of All Stripes

Why Silicone is Safer

Simply put, rigid rings can cause damage. Impact-related injuries are possible, both for wearers and those they may come into contact with. Football, basketball and other popular games involve constant manual action, which means frequent opportunities for accidents to occur. Rings can also catch on equipment or attire, creating the potential for unfortunate and even gruesome results.

Negative outcomes can arise in any sport, however, team-based or otherwise. Archery, rock climbing and bowling are just a few examples of pursuits where the wrong kind of ring might lead to injury with the right set of circumstances. Many weight training and gym-based activities can also be made considerably safer by sporting a smarter kind of jewelry.

In any case, silicone options definitely shine when it comes to rings. They are inherently more flexible, and vastly easier to remove should an emergency occur. They’re also more likely to break away if they should become caught on an unforgiving surface, leaving you with a relatively affordable replacement bill, rather than potentially painful medical bills.

Stay in the Game

Competitors are resilient folks, and most take a degree of pride in being able to “play through the pain”. Serious injuries, however, are another story altogether. Harming hands or fingers can certainly inhibit athletic performance, but severe setbacks can take you off the track, court or field entirely. Sitting on the sidelines takes away from time you’d probably rather spend improving your skills and conditioning, and when it comes to team sports, you might be faced with the reality of being unavailable for your squad when they need you most.

Wide Range of Benefits

Besides their more adaptable characteristics, silicone rings offer a variety of advantages when compared against more traditional metal choices. They are naturally hypoallergenic, easy to wear with gloves or other hand equipment, and for many, they offer a similar level—if different style—of aesthetic appeal. Silicone can rings be laser-cut and engraved for a high degree of personalization. They are offered in a spectrum of colors, and can even mimic the look of other materials, from convincing woodgrain patterns to elegant marble and stone-like appearances. Regardless of your stylistic preference, and no matter what you play, the versatile silicone ring represents a great choice for any athlete.

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