Silicone Rings Are A Great Choice For Hunters

You are out in the forest. You have a deer in your sights. You reach for your rifle to take it down, but your metal wedding band clangs against the gun, alerting the deer to your presence. As you watch the animal run off, you probably regret your choice of ring, but you do not want to be out with your wedding band. This is where silicone bands from Enso Rings come in handy. They symbolize your love for your spouse, but they come with extra benefits that will aid any hunter.

Silicone Rings Are A Great Choice For Hunters

Makes Less Noise

As described above, your metal ring has the potential to make a lot of noise when you are out in the wilderness. Stealth is the name of the game as you track down your catch, and you do not want to give away your location in the slightest. Metal bands can clang against almost anything. In contrast, silicone bands are made out of incredibly soft and resilient materials. When you reach for your rifle, there is no chance it will bang against the metal, and you can more successfully shoot your prey.

Protects Your Finger

There are several practical reasons why you want a silicone band. Anyone who works with their hands needs to be careful of the ring they wear. This is especially true for hunters who may need to climb a tree stand to gain a better vantage point. As you climb, it is possible for a metal ring to get caught on a rung, resulting in extreme pain and possible medical problems down the line. Even if something does happen, a silicone ring is more likely to break, so you can at least keep your finger.

Provides Superior Comfort

Most people get used to their metal wedding rings over time. If you just got married, then you may still be getting used to having metal around one of your fingers all of the time. Luckily, silicone rings are breathable and weigh much less than their counterparts. They will not cause your fingers to sweat as much, which is a huge advantage when you want a secure grip on your rifle.

Looks Cool

There is nothing wrong with traditional metal wedding bands, but they are a bit old-fashioned. They may not go with the rest of your hunting aesthetic, which may consist of a lot of browns and camouflage patterns. They come in all kinds of colors and designs, and you can find some really cool patterns if you look hard enough. The Black Rain ring looks particularly masculine, and it will go swimmingly with the rest of your attire.

Hunters have one goal: trap and catch their prey. You do not want anything to slow you down or get in the way of that objective. That is where silicone rings come in, and they are growing in popularity all over the country. Chances are good you will see some of your fellow hunters in the woods sporting one of these stylish rings. With so much to gain, it only makes sense to have at least one in your cabinet.

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