What Are Silicone Fitness Rings?

If you own a metal ring, you likely take it off when you are lifting weights, rock climbing or engaging in other fitness activities. Traditional rings can get caught and injure your finger, they can be damaged by activity and they can get in the way of your fitness routine. Always needing to take off your ring can be frustrating. Additionally, many people who wearing wedding bands and other symbolic rings don’t want to take them off. The solution may be a silicone fitness ring.

What Are Silicone Fitness Rings

Fitness Rings

Silicone rings are not new. In the mid-1990s, brands started selling them to workers who couldn’t wear metal rings due to safety concerns. However, they were never made for or marketed to the fitness community until recently.

Increasingly, silicone ring brands are bringing their products to the fitness market. Some top brands such as Enso Rings have made designed targeted to fitness buffs. These rings have a low profile, they are stylish and they won’t get scratched or damaged during exercise.

With a silicone ring, you can comfortably do a deadlift without worrying about the bar damaging your ring, for example. If you are hitting the rock wall, you don’t need to worry about it getting snagged. Some rings silicone rings are even designed to break if they get dangerously caught. If you’ve ever seen the grim results of ring avulsion, you know the value of a ring that can give way.

Silicone rings can also be thinner than metal rings while remaining strong. Therefore, you can purchase significantly lower-profile silicone rings than what is typically available in gold or platinum. For people living active lifestyles, this is a major advantage. The rings are less likely to get in the way of activities.

A More Personal Look

Another reason that people love silicone rings is that they can represent the individual. Of course, this is possible with a metal ring also. However, thanks to how easy silicone is to work with, manufacturers create all sorts of unique and fun designs.

For example, if you are into rock climbing, you may like a hammered style of silicone ring. This replicates a natural look that is almost like the face of a roughly-chiseled rock. Alternatively, you may opt for a color scheme that represents your love of the outdoors.

Many people buying silicone fitness rings are getting them as an alternative to wedding bands. If this is what you are looking for, consider a design that represents your relationship and commitment. For example, you may like a ring with an infinity design on it.

In short, there are more options for design when you choose a silicone ring. Therefore, you can find a look that matches your lifestyle.

Should You Buy a Silicone Fitness Ring?

Wearing a metal ring during exercise is an accident waiting to happen. Whether you damage the ring or your finger, it is likely to happen eventually.  Some people prefer to simply take their rings off while they workout. However, many want to keep wearing a symbol of their commitment even while being active. Silicone rings offer a great alternative.

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