Where Can I Find Silicone Rings in Half Sizes?

You know it is time to buy a silicone ring. Maybe you need one for work, or you just want something to wear around town so that you can leave your wedding band at home. There are many advantages. The only problem is that you need a ring in a half size.

Just like shoes, rings can come in half sizes. You may need a 6.5 instead of a 6. However, as you look around the Enso Rings website, you discover that half sizes are not available as you proceed to checkout. You cannot find silicone rings in half sizes anywhere, and that is the point. No matter what size ring you normally wear, you can find a silicone band to perfectly fit you.

Silicone Simplifies Sizing

When you purchase a metal ring, you need one that fits you perfectly. This is because the metal is not malleable, and you do not want it to feel too tight or slip off your finger. Silicone does not have that problem. Silicone is designed to stretch and conform to the size of your finger. After you wear your silicone ring for a few days, it will naturally relax and feel comfortable over your finger.

In the event you normally wear a half size for rings, all you have to do is size down to end up with something that ends up fitting. For example, if you normally wear a 6.5, then all you have to do is purchase a size 6 ring. It may feel a little tight at first, but that is the point. Over the course of a few days, the silicone will stretch out and conform to your larger finger.

What To Look for in a New Ring

Once your ring arrives on your doorstep, you will want to put it on right away. A little tightness is okay, and it should begin to change shape after a few days. However, if it still feels too tight after a while, then it is possible you will need a different ring. When you purchase silicone rings through Enso, you can rest easy knowing you receive a lifetime money-back guarantee. You can simply purchase another one while getting the money back for our old ring.

It is vital to remember to never size up. A ring that is too big to start with will not shrink to fit over your finger. Additionally, there is an increased risk it will actually slide off your finger. You do not want that, and a loose ring increases your odds of the ring snagging onto something.

The Final Word

When in doubt, always opt for a size lower than what you wear but as close as you can get. You should not feel as though you are left out when it comes to buying silicone rings as they are designed to work with everybody. You simply need to opt for one a half size smaller than what you usually wear, and before you know it, you can wear your silicone band out and about on the town.

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