Why Silicone Rings Are a Great Alternative If You Have a Metal Allergy

A surprising number of people suffer from a metal allergy. This means people who come into contact with substances like gold or nickel can suffer a reaction. Many people are unaware they even have this allergy until they start wearing rings. They begin to notice redness and swelling around the ring site, which is a clear sign of an allergic reaction. This can be disappointing to discover because you cannot wear your wedding band everywhere. These individuals can benefit greatly from silicone bands from Enso Rings, which take the place of the band without any of the reactions.

Why Silicone Rings Are a Great Alternative If You Have a Metal Allergy

What Is Wedding Ring Rash?

Allergic reactions are so common with rings that they even have their own term. Many people develop a sensitivity around their ring finger known as wedding ring rash. This condition is either caused by the metal component in the ring, such as nickel, or from the buildup of debris under it. If you frequently wash your hands with the ring on, then soap and other pieces of debris can build up underneath it. This is why it is always a good idea to take your ring off from time to time to make sure to clean your finger thoroughly.

It may take some time for a reaction to form, so you may not realize you have a metal allergy until you have already purchased your wedding band. Many people will try to avoid this by simply not wearing their wedding bands. While the spouse may understand, other people may have questions. It can become annoying over time to answer these questions about an allergic reaction you have no control over. That is why many people simply opt to wear a silicone ring that takes the metal band’s place.

Why Is Silicone Good for Metal Allergies?

Silicone is a medical-grade, hypoallergenic material. As a result, it will not irritate your finger. You can wear the band for days on end and not suffer any irritation. This makes silicone bands from Enso Rings a preferable option for anyone who cannot tolerate metal. There is no reason to constantly have a rash and apply ointment when a safe alternative is around.

The best part is that many silicone bands look just like wedding bands. If you had originally gotten a gold band, then you can find a gold silicone ring to wear. To most people walking by, it will just look like a normal ring. You can go out into public with your spouse, and no one will ask why you are not wearing your ring. Silicone rings are incredibly comfortable, so you will not have to worry about your finger feeling weighed down or tired at the end of the day.

Why Are Silicone Rings a Great Option?

Silicone rings work for more than just those with metal allergies. They are also great for people who work as mechanics, doctors, nurses and construction workers. They do not get in the way as much, and you will have less fear about damaging your silicone ring than your actual wedding band.

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