Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Construction Workers

Professional construction workers, carpenters, electricians and general contractors all typically leave their wedding ring at home during the workday. These hands-on careers put safety at a premium, so they can’t afford a workplace accident caused by a wedding ring. Thankfully, silicone rings avoid all of the common issues with metal wedding bands. Learn more about the benefits of silicone rings for construction workers and other hands-on professionals.

Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Construction Workers

Snag-Free Convenience

Silicone wedding rings are smooth and soft, so they won’t get caught as you work with rough materials and heavy equipment. A caught ring can lead to an injured finger, damaged work surface or both. Avoid scratching polished wood surfaces by swapping out your gold, titanium or other metal ring with a convenient silicone option.

Metal rings are also known to quickly wear through gloves. While not as dangerous to your health, this can be inconvenient and require you to replace your work gloves more often.

Break-Away Safety

Most silicone rings are designed to break at 40 pounds of pressure. This protects you from one of the most hazardous aspects of metal wedding bands. A metal ring can become lodged in moving equipment, caught on a ladder or otherwise pinched. Unfortunately, these situations typically lead to a ring finger injury if you’re wearing a metal band. Silicone bands break can stretch and, if need be, break to prevent your finger and hand from experiencing an injury on the job.

After your silicone rings breaks and prevents further injury to your hand or finger, you can easily replace it with a similar or new design. Silicone rings are far more affordable than more wedding bands, particularly gold or silver bands. This allows you to wear your band wherever you go without worrying about the cost of losing or damaging it.

Non-Conductive Material

Whether you’re an electrician or handyman performing minor electrical repairs, working with high-voltage lines can be dangerous with a metal ring. Gold, silver and other metals are highly conductive, so most electricians prefer to leave their ring at home. High conductivity, combined with the risk of wearing a hole through your glove, makes metal rings an unwise option around electricity.

Silicone rings are completely non-conductive, so you won’t have to worry about exposure to electricity. A soft silicone ring won’t wear through your glove and is less conductive than your finger, so you can proudly wear your wedding band at work without worrying about increasing your risk of electrocution.

Iconic and Subtle Designs

Compare the dynamic colors, details and designs of silicone rings with standard metal bands. Whether you go for a plain, no-nonsense black band or enjoy a more intricate design, silicone is a popular option for personalized designs. Silicone bands are available in men’s and women’s designs and a range of sizes, so you can match your band with your partner or choose your own unique style.

Construction workers, weekend carpenters and DIY enthusiasts alike can enjoy an affordable, safe wedding band at work and home. Don’t put yourself at risk or leave your wedding ring at home all day, but enjoy these qualities of a silicone ring for all your hands-on projects.

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