Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Kids

Practically anybody can benefit from a silicone ring. Married couples will enjoy a reprieve from wearing their metal bands all the time. Electricians, construction workers and nurses will like wearing something to symbolize their marriage. Plus, kids can have a lot of fun, too. As you look through all of the silicone bands at Enso Rings, you will find many of them are suitable for children, and if your kid wants to get into jewelry, then these rings are a great place to start.

Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Kids

An Inexpensive Accessory

Your little lady may be dying to start wearing jewelry. She may beg for a ring, but you are not sure if that is the right move. After all, metal rings can get expensive, and you have to consider the time your kid will be out at recess where the ring could fall off. It will only make for a costly reminder of how expensive most jewelry actually is.

In contrast, silicone rings cost a fraction of the price. You can find some for as little as $15. Your little girl gets to wear her ring, and you can rest easy knowing she is not walking around with something exceedingly expensive. It makes for a good test run to see if your child is ready for more responsibilities. If she loses the ring quickly, then you definitely know she is not ready for a gold ring. However, if she takes good care of it and manages not to lose it, then maybe you can talk about other pieces of jewelry in a year or two.

Silicone Is a Kid-Friendly Material

Silicone is great for kids who want to go outside and play. It is flexible, so your child will be able to throw balls and play on the jungle gym without the ring getting in the way. The last thing you want is for your child to get hurt because a metal ring prevented them from moving their finger a certain way. Your kid can rock a fashionable accessory on the playground while still being able to be a kid.

Additionally, silicone is much safer for children. With metal bands, there is the risk the material will get caught on clothing, backpacks or hair. Fortunately, silicone rings do not have the same kind of edges. You do not have to worry about the metal banging against anything that could snag. Kids are not always known for being the most prescient people. They may flail around unaware they have a piece of metal on their hand that could get in the way of something. Silicone bands fix that problem incredibly well.

Silicone Rings Are Ideal for Children

Silicone rings come in all kinds of fun designs and colors. You should browse online with your child to see if there is one you both agree on. Even if you think your kid is a bit too young for jewelry, silicone rings make for a great compromise. You end up spending a small amount of money, and for the time being, your child’s desire for jewelry is satiated.

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