Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Police Officers

You and/or your partner may go out into the line of duty every day for work. It is an honorable position, and you are proud of the work you do in your community. However, there are many reasons why you may not want to wear a normal, metal wedding band while on the clock. This is where Enso Rings come in handy, and you can still do your job to the fullest potential while avoiding the drawbacks of a metal ring.

Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Police Officers

It Does Not Stand Out as Much as a Regular Wedding Band

Many police officers choose not to wear wedding bands while on duty because they do not want criminals to know they are married. Police officers come into contact with a lot of unsavory characters every day, so it makes sense not to reveal too much information. However, it can still hurt when a spouse sees his or her partner not putting on a ring every morning.

This is where silicone bands come in handy. They are not as flashy as gold or silver bands. They still symbolize the officer’s commitment to marriage, but suspects may not pick up on the fact it’s a wedding band. Everyone still remains safe while showing a commitment to marriage.

It Will Not Snag on Anything 

Throughout a police officer’s day, he or she may need to reach for a gun, taser or some other item. It is possible for a metal ring to snag on the officer’s clothing, hindering his or her ability to get whatever’s needed.

When in the heat of the moment, you do not want to be slowed down for a second. Even if your wedding ring is perfectly sized for your finger, it may still end up getting caught on a piece of fabric.

It Symbolizes Your Commitment to the Force

Most wedding bands are either gold or silver. They look incredible, but you may want something a bit more personalized while you are on duty. Fortunately, you can find a vast array of silicone bands available online for men and for women.

Police officers are known as the “thin blue line” preventing society from collapsing into chaos. Police forces even have their own special American flag that is black and white but with a blue line going down the middle. To commemorate your dedication to the force, you can find a silicone ring with a blue line going down the middle or one that is simply blue all around. Your silicone band can symbolize the thin blue line, and it also helps with hiding whether you are married. Criminals won’t know whether the ring is a wedding band or just something you wear as part of your uniform. It’s a win-win.

To all police officers out there, we’d like to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation for everything you do in the line of duty. You put your life on the line every day, keeping your community safe. You deserve a little extra safety, too, so make sure you wear a silicone band to honor your marriage as you head out to the station.

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