Comparing Top Silicone Ring Brands

Wedding rings have been a sign of the bonds of marriage for a long time. Unfortunately, traditional, metal bands are expensive, fragile and sometimes even dangerous. Whether you want something a little more accessible or want something that you can use during physical activity without worrying about damage to it or yourself, a silicone ring may be the way to go.

Today, there are more options for silicone rings than ever before. It can be challenging to find the right one. These are a few of the major brands and their pros and cons.

Comparing Top Silicone Ring Brands


This brand has a broad selection of styles and finishes. You can opt between a plain ring, a branded ring or even an engraved ring for an additional fee. They also offer gift boxes for the rings for that perfect presentation.

These rings are practical, durable and reasonably affordable, especially compared to traditional, gold rings. The sizing on Qalo is very true. So, if you know your ring size, you can be confident about your Qalo ring fitting.

Some of the popular finishes for Qalo rings are the metallic look. This is a great way to get a more traditional style while still enjoying the benefits of a silicone ring.


Enso is another excellent brand for silicone rings. They are made with a hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone. The brand has quite a few low-profile options that don’t feel as bulky as some other silicone options.

In addition to conventional ring shapes, Enso sells some very textured rings that take advantage of how moldable silicone is. For example, one of their styles is a hammered look that is almost like a natural edge of a rock. These are stackable, so you can combine several colors for a personal style.

Of course, Enso also sells some more traditional looks. There are some great metallic finishes from this brand.

Enso offers a lifetime money-back guarantee. If you don’t like your ring or it breaks, you can get a refund.


Like Enso and Qalo, Groove offers a variety of different styles. Unlike the other brands, they have some licensed team styles, if that’s your thing. Despite this, their best-sellers are a two-tone series that replicates a traditional wedding band.

They are very comfortable for all-day use. You can find some very cool looking matte finishes in the Groove catalog.

Groove provides a 94-year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty. It covers everything including breaking, stretching or even losing your ring.


This brand was one of the early innovators in the silicone ring space. They started out selling to workers who wanted to avoid potentially harming their hands while they worked.

Compared to the other brands mentioned here, SafeRingz’s styles are a little simpler. Many of their most popular rings are a single color in a very conventional look. Nonetheless, they are high-quality and very dependable.

They offer bundles if you want to get several rings at a special price. This is great if you want to keep one at work, one at home and one in your gym bag, for example.

SafeRingz offers custom engraving. So, if you want to have a special message, this is worth considering.

Which Is the Best?

Each brand has something special to offer. Silicone rings are always great. Just explore the brands and find one that fits your style.

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