5 Reasons Why Silicone Rings Make Excellent Gifts

Purchasing jewelry as a gift doesn’t have to be fraught with apprehension and uncertainty. Is it too expensive? Will they love it? Is it completely impractical? Instead of fretting over these questions and others, choose a silicone ring. Not only are silicone rings beautiful, fun or unique, but they are relatively inexpensive compared to many other jewelry gifts and make incredibly practical presents. Read on to discover five reasons why a silicone ring should rank high on your gift-giving list this year.

5 Reasons Why Silicone Rings Make Excellent Gifts

1. Silicone Rings Are Safe for all Occasions

Traditional metal rings aren’t suitable for wear in all professions or for every activity. Imagine a scenario where your ring becomes unexpectantly caught or entangled with another object. In this case, a metal ring is unlikely to break or bend, leaving your finger to endure the brunt of the trauma. A ring made from silicone, however, is constructed for flexibility, giving and breaking under duress, saving your fingers from injury.

2. These Rings Are as Unique as the Recipient

If you haven’t explored your silicone ring options, you may be surprised at all the unique designs and colors available. When checking out Enso rings, you’re sure to come across one, or maybe two or three, that seem made to fit with that special someone’s style. Go dainty and simple with a thin ring, bold or bright with a stylized design or give unending options with a selection of stackable silicone rings. A refreshing change from hard metal jewelry, you’ll find that people are intrigued by silicone rings and they catch just as much attention as their more-traditional counterparts.

3. They Are Affordable and Giftable

There’s no need to stress over the high price tag of a beautiful jewelry gift when you choose silicone. These rings typically come with inexpensive costs. For example, Enso ring styles start as low as $12. Many top-of-the-line options rarely run higher than $50 or so.

4. Silicone Bands Are Practical but Never Boring

A traditional metal band or a ring with a stone may look lovely and polished for a fancy night out, but they aren’t all that comfortable when you’re lifting at the gym or hitting the trail for a hike. The comfort of a silicone ring can’t be beat and is especially invaluable for those who live an active lifestyle.

5. Customizable Options Abound

Silicone rings don’t have to be a one-size-fits-all kind of jewelry. Many brands, including Enso, offer customizable options. Choose the perfect ring and then have it engraved for a truly personalized gift. Have your silicone ring engraved with a thoughtful word, a meaningful phrase or initials.

Whether a wedding is in the works, you want to surprise your significant other with a fun new ring or are just looking to gift fashionable jewelry perfect for everyday wear, a silicone ring fits the bill and is sure to be loved at first sight. A silicone ring won’t break the bank and is unique enough to serve as a gift that wows and delights your favorite people. When choosing that perfect present, opt for an affordable, practical, stylish and comfortable silicone ring.

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