Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Sport and Commercial Fishers

Whether fishing is your passion or profession, the great outdoors poses many challenges. Besides the obvious test of luring catches, you contend with environmental conditions on many excursions. Even if you’re fishing on a perfect day with plenty of sun and clear skies, you have another problem: What if you lose your ring? Silicone rings may look like the latest fad, but anglers are jumping on board for many reasons. To understand why silicone rings for fishermen are so popular, keep reading.

Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Sport and Commercial Fishers

Fishing and Metal Rings Don’t Mix

No matter what lures you to fishing (pun completely intended), you know the range of potential conditions you face. Weather can change quickly and expose you to cold, rain, snow and wind. Then there’s the sweltering summer heat, and unless you’re on a boat with air conditioning, you’re in the thick of it. When you’re handling fishing poles, nets or equipment, a metal ring can feel bulky or get in the way. Metal also conducts cold and heat, which can add discomfort if your hands are exposed.

Now, picture this scenario: You’re packing up your gear and calling it a day. As you lean over to grab an item, your ring slides right off your finger, then rolls around on the dock and right into the water. You can kiss the money paid for it goodbye. If it was an antique or an heirloom ring, there’s no way to truly replace it.

Professional fishers face other problems. Take the challenges of recreational fishing and multiply them by about 10. Temperature extremes, high winds and rough seas are tough to handle by themselves, but then you also have occupational hazards like machinery, falls overboard and vessel accidents. Some can result in ring-related injuries, especially if your finger is trapped by a metal ring while snagged on equipment or other objects.

Silicone Rings: A Safe and Attractive Alternative

If you’re like other fishers, you don’t want to give up wearing your ring. But you still need to put safety first. Silicone rings’ unique properties make them perfect for anglers, providing a beautiful, durable and safer way to express enduring commitment to the one you love.

They’re commonly called silicone rings, but they’re crafted from a sturdy and flexible silicone rubber blend. This material doesn’t conduct heat, cold or electricity, so they’re comfortable to wear in any kind of weather. Since silicone rubber lightly grips human skin, these rings also don’t get slippery like metal versions. Silicone rings are supple, so they stretch to accommodate swollen digits and don’t slip off when fingers get cold. Best of all, they safely break between 15 and 35 pounds of force. This releases a trapped finger and allows you to cut the ring loose in an emergency.

Perfect for the Great Outdoors

Metal rings are beautiful and durable, but they aren’t practical or safe in certain environments. Offering resilience, aesthetics and safety features, silicone rings are an excellent choice for professional and recreational fishers. With these great benefits, silicone rings for fishermen are a fast-growing trend that’s solidly here to stay.

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