Are Silicone Rings True to Size?

Silicone rings are quickly becoming a popular option for people who want something safer, more comfortable and more robust than a conventional wedding band. Some people buy them are their primary rings while others buy them as an alternative for use while working or exercising. Whatever your reason for wanting a silicone ring, you may have found yourself asking a common question: are they true to size?

Are Silicone Rings True to Size?

Are They True To Size?

This question is not unique to silicone rings. In fact, it is a worry that people experience when they order any rings online. It can be hard to know if the size six you are looking at online is truly a size six. It may also be that you think you are a size six, but your current ring is slightly larger or smaller than the true size.

The difficulty with this question is that the answer, as you may expect, varies between brands. Many of the popular brands such as Enso rings are typically true to size. You can expect that the size it says online will be very close to the standard. Some other brands are less accurate. Check the reviews for specific brands to learn more.

Can They Stretch?

One of the most important considerations when sizing for a silicone ring is that it can stretch. Silicone is a very strong material, but it is also flexible. The ring by itself may be true to size. However, when you put it on, there may be a little more play than you would expect from a metal ring. This is because the silicone can flex.

The amount of stretch depends on the type of silicone used. Again, for top brands, you can expect this to be fairly minimal. If you are ordering a high-quality silicone ring, you may want to consider a small size reduction compared to your dinger.

You may be surprised to learn that your finger changes size too. When it is cold outside, your finger may be significantly smaller than when temperatures are hotter. If you gain or lose weight, that can have a large effect too.

Consider ordering from a brand that allows returns. You can try it on for size and always return it if it isn’t right.

How Do You Find Your Ring Size?

If you don’t know your ring size, you can measure it fairly easily. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Wrap a piece of string or paper around the base of your finger. For wedding bands, this is typically the ring finger on the left hand.
  2. Mark the point where the ends meet to fully wrap around your finger.
  3. Using a ruler, measure the marked length to find the circumference of your finger.
  4. With a chart, find how that measurement compares to your ring size.

Some silicone rings are available in half sizes while others are only available in full sizes. Again, you likely want to get a size that is slightly smaller than your true size, if possible. For example, if you are a 6.25 ring size, you may want to get a size six. If you follow these tips, you should get a ring that fits just right.

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