Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Bikers

When it comes to buying wedding rings or any other rings, silicone is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you’ve been thinking about getting a silicone ring for a while or you’ve only recently heard of them, there are a few things you should know. These types of rings may not be the best choice for everyone. However, they fit well with the lifestyles of working professionals and active individuals. They are particularly great for bikers. Here’s why.

Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Bikers


Though they’re not as durable as most traditional metal rings, silicone rings are still made to last a lifetime in many cases. They’re not made from the flimsy type of material you see in silicone bottle nipples or gloves. Instead, they’re made from a durable type of silicone that’s thick and flexible but strong. A quality silicone ring can stand up to the abuse that naturally comes along with biking and exposure to the elements.


Traditional metal rings can press against your fingers when you’re holding the handlebars. Over time, the continuous pressure of the metal against your skin can potentially lead to the development of blisters or sore spots. You won’t need to worry about this if you wear a silicone ring. The soft, pliable surface of a silicone ring is much more comfortable against the skin than metal and won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable, even on your longer rides.


Although you hope it won’t ever happen to you, there’s always the possibility of getting in a bike wreck on your next ride. If you’re wearing a metal ring, you could potentially injure or even lose your finger in a bad wreck. Silicone rings, on the other hand, are designed to break away when exposed to extreme pressure or tearing motions. That makes them a great, safety-conscious choice for people who work with machinery and people who are highly active outdoors.


It’s easy for ring to slip unknowingly off your finger when you’re being active and focusing on other things. If you lose an expensive metal wedding ring while you’re on your bike, your chances of ever finding it again are slim to none. Replacing such a ring can put a big strain on your finances. But if you lose a silicone ring during your next ride, you won’t need to worry about how expensive it will be to replace it.

Since silicone rings are extremely affordable, your loss will be mainly emotional and not financial. With less than $100 and a few days or weeks of waiting time, you can have a brand-new ring. If you had a meaningful inscription or design on your original silicone ring, you should be able to replicate it on your new ring for a minimal cost.

Easy Maintenance

When you’re riding your bike, you’re exposing your ring to dirt, pollutants and debris. Fortunately, silicone is extremely easy to clean and only requires a gentle scrub with a solution of dishwashing detergent and water. Its ease of maintenance is one of the things that makes a silicone ring so appealing to bikers.

Whether you bike for pleasure or competitively, it’s important to avoid wearing potentially dangerous and uncomfortable metal jewelry. A silicone ring is a great way to show your commitment to your spouse without sacrificing comfort and safety.

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