Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Weightlifting or Fitness

If you lift weights or hit the gym or trail while wearing a metal ring, it may cause you pain or irritation from time to time. Sure, you can remove it while you exercise but have you thought about switching to a silicone ring that you don’t have to take off? Here are five reasons for your consideration.

Why Silicone Rings Are Great for Weightlifting or Fitness

1. Comfort

Gold, silver and platinum rings can sometimes cause discomfort when you exercise. When you’re working out in a warm gym or at high altitudes, your fingers can swell and cause your rings to constrict. Sweat can cause your rings to slide up and down your fingers, compromising your form and focus. When you choose a silicone ring, you never have to worry about these issues. A well-sized ring made from soft, flexible silicone stays put on your finger. Silicones are lightweight, which means you won’t even feel like you’re wearing a ring!

2. Safety

Whether you’re in the gym or at home, a metal ring on your finger increases your risk of ring avulsion. This phenomenon happens when a ring catches on another object and causes injury to a finger or hand. Comedian Jimmy Fallon suffered a severe finger injury when his wedding ring caught on the side of a table. When you wear a silicone ring during exercise, you don’t have to worry about ring avulsion. While silicone is durable, it will break under stress and leave your finger unscathed.

3. Hypoallergenic

Manufacturers such as Enso Rings use hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone to create their products. This material is non-irritating to people’s skin – even those with sensitive skin. While many metal rings cause skin irritations, you won’t have to worry about this with a silicone ring. Ventureborn and other ring manufacturers design bands with perforations or grooves that allow your finger to breathe and stay dry while you work out.

4. Care

If you wear metal rings while weightlifting or working out, you may have to clean them of chalk, sunscreen and other substances. These substances can eat away at your rings over time, requiring professional cleaning and the associated costs. When your silicone ring gets grubby, all you have to do is mix up a soaking solution of warm water and dish soap. This cheap and easy solution gets rid of most types of grime.

5. Price

If you’ve ever damaged or lost your gold or platinum ring, you’re all too aware of the cost! Basic silicone bands run from $10 to $20 from retailers such as Enso Rings, Ventureborn and QALO. These affordable prices mean it’s not a big deal to replace your ring if you break or lose it. You may even buy a set so that you have backups on hand. In comparison with the costs of repairing or replacing a metal ring, a silicone ring is cheap.

If you’re interested in a silicone ring, a world of choice awaits you. Manufacturers’ products are diverse. Browse varying sizes, band thicknesses, smooth and textured finishes, and thousands of colors. There’s a ring out there to suit your style and lifestyle.

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